Building Permits and Approvals: Things to Know as a Land Buyer

Building Permits and Approvals: Things to Know as a Land Buyer

Building Permits and Approvals

The first thing a builder needs to do is to get a clear title to the land or plot on which he plans to construct a project or building. Building plans/Building permits are government approvals required before construction begins on a new or existing building. A clear title ensures that the land property is clear and marketable.

It also helps in ascertaining the current condition of the land and any liabilities or charges created on the land property. This document can tell a prospective home buyer a chain of possessions and transfers over some time. A buyer can also check past disputes regarding ownership of the land property, if any. Better to invest in property with a clear title.

What are the Building permits in real estate?

Building permission: Land clearance 

If agricultural land is converted to non-agricultural land, a developer must obtain approval from the concerned authority to convert it for non-agricultural (NA) purposes. Especially, after approval, the land can be used for the construction of buildings for residential or commercial purposes.

Permit for Building Construction: Zoning Permit

Under the provisions of the Local Government Acts, the Revenue Department issues the Certificate of Entitlement for and Building Permission.

C License for building construction: Building Consent

This is the most important step. Approval of Building plans. Under the provisions of Building Bye-laws, Master Plans, and also Local Government Acts, a builder needs various approvals from authorities for Building plans/ building permits. Building approval includes building plan and layout approval for building construction.

Permission for Building Construction: Completion Certificate

After completion of construction, the builder must obtain the completion certificate.

Building Permit: Installation of services and utilities

Builders should obtain all permissions for electricity, gas, and potable and non-potable use from concerned authorities. To get approval for these civic amenities, a building or a project must construct by building codes. Also, the builder has to obtain NOC from the pollution board and the municipal administration for digging the bore well. Both these NOCs are important for approval for sewerage or water supply.

Building Permission: Occupancy Certificate

The local body sends proposals to various concerned authorities for NOC before issuing the completion and occupancy certificate. Once the building considers ready for occupancy. For more details, contact us.