Documents Required in Registration of Land?

Documents Required in Registration of Land?

Documents Required and Process Involved in Registration of Land?

Documents submission is one of the most important steps during land registration. The purpose of the submission of Documents required for land is to record the execution of documents. Documents required for land must be filed within four months from the date of execution. If the limitation lapses, the application may forward to the Sub-Registrar with the reason for the delay. A sub-registrar may agree, but you will have to pay a penalty. The registration of Documents required for land takes up to 7 days; It takes 2-3 days in metro cities and up to 7 days in rural areas. To avoid delay, keep the following documents ready.

Documents required for property registration

  • Passport-size photographs of buyer and seller
  • Identity proof of both parties – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card
  • Latest property registration card copy
  • Authorized person
  • Copy of property registration card
  • Copy of Municipal Tax Bill
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Attested copy of sale deed
  • Construction completion certificate
  • Receipt of payment of stamp duty and registration fee

Based on the circular rate in that area, estimate the property value. After calculating the property value, you need to purchase a non-judicial stamp paper. Then stamp sheets can obtain online or purchased from a licensed stamp dealer. This document provides information about any existing encumbrances or liabilities on the property, such as mortgages, liens, or legal disputes.

A land registration depending on the nature of the transaction, a deed should type on stamp paper. This deed can also be a sale deed, gift deed, etc. To register the deed, both the seller and the buyer must approach the office of the Sub-Registrar with two witnesses. Especially, buyer and seller should carry photographs, identity proof, and other necessary documents.

A land registration fee must pay before registration of the property. A receipt will be issued after the documents submitted are verified and the bond is registered. Visit the Registrar’s office after two to seven days to collect the sale deed.