Documents required to apply for Patta Chitta.

Documents required to apply for Patta Chitta.

Documents required to apply for Patta Chitta. Know its importance and benefit

Chitta patta is for land-only and not for flats. However, you need to own the land on which the flat is built. The Chitta patta land on which an apartment building locating is dividing the names of different owners and is commonly (UST). Usually, Chitta patta is not in this context. Documents required to apply for Patta be filed within 4 months from the date of execution. It is the most important step during registration.

To apply for a Patta Chitta in Tamil Nadu, India, you typically need to provide certain documents. The specific requirements may vary slightly depending on the district or area, so it’s advisable to check with the local Revenue Department or concerned authority for precise details.

Documents required to apply for Patta Chitta:

As a deed is a legal document that proves a person’s legal title to his land, it plays a very important role in case of any dispute between the land owner and the government or a third party. If the government decides to take over the land, the patta will also be a document that shows eligibility for compensation. Also, the online Patta downloaded from the government website is one of the basic documents when selling a property. Perhaps, even if it is a vacant plot, an act require is to establish legal ownership of the land. If you need to apply for Patta Chitta in Tamil Nadu online, the following documents are in demand. Keep these handy. Details of these:

  • Along with the original sale deed, a copy of the deed. These should be verified. These should submit at the Tahsildar office.
  • Any proof of ownership should retain. These may include property tax receipts, electricity bills, or animal certificates.
  • All these documents are proof of your right and legal possession of the property. While submitting the Patta Chitta in Tamil Nadu application, additional documents such as identity card, residence proof, ration card, citizenship certificate, and family annual income statement require.