Essential Documents Required for Real Estate Transactions in Tamil Nadu.

Essential Documents Required for Real Estate Transactions in Tamil Nadu.

When embarking on a real estate transaction in Tamil Nadu, having the necessary documents in order is crucial for a smooth and successful process. Here’s a breakdown of the essential documents you’ll likely need:

For the Buyer:

Proof of identity: Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, voter ID card, or any other government-issued photo ID.

Address proof: Utility bills (electricity, water), ration card, bank statements, etc.

Sale deed (copy): This document serves as proof of the property sale and details the specifics of the transaction, including property description, price, and terms.

Encumbrance Certificate (EC): This crucial document issued by the sub-registrar’s office confirms that the property is free from any legal or financial encumbrances like loans, mortgages, or disputes. It’s typically recommended to obtain an EC for at least 15 years (33 years for government-held properties).

Property tax receipts: Demonstrates that the seller has paid property taxes up-to-date.

Power of Attorney (POA) (if applicable): If someone is representing the buyer in the transaction, a registered POA is mandatory.

For the Seller:

Proof of identity: Similar to the buyer’s requirements.

Address proof: Similar to the buyer’s requirements.

Original sale deed or other ownership documents: This proves the seller’s ownership of the property.

Patta and Chitta: These documents issued by the revenue department provide details about land ownership and tax records.

Pattadar passbook: This passbook issued by the village administration contains details about the property and any changes in ownership.

No Objection Certificates (NOCs) (if applicable): NOCs from societies, housing boards, or other relevant authorities might be required depending on the property type.

Building approval plan and occupancy certificate (if applicable): These documents are necessary for new constructions or apartments.

Additional Documents:

Sale agreement (if applicable): This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the sale before the final deed is registered.

Affidavits: Sworn statements regarding the transaction details might be required in specific cases.

Payment challans: Receipts for stamp duty, registration fees, and other applicable charges.

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