Explain how to design a house plan according to Vastu.

Explain how to design a house plan according to Vastu.

house plan to Vastu

Building a home or designing a house plan that aligns with Vastu Shastra’s principles can bring harmony, balance, and well-being to your life. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you design your house plan according to Vastu:

Choose your plot wisely:

Direction: Ideally, choose a north-facing plot as it’s considered auspicious and brings positive energy. East and northeast are also favorable alternatives. Avoid plots with irregular shapes or facing south or west.

Soil quality: Opt for land with fertile soil and avoid plots with rocky or marshy ground.

Surroundings: Ensure surrounding areas are free from negative influences like electricity pylons, graveyards, or polluted water bodies.

Understand the zones:

Divide your plot into 81 equal squares (padas): This grid system called a Vastu Purusha Mandala defines the energy distribution in your home.

Identify the zones: Each pada belongs to a specific zone governing different aspects of life like health, wealth, career, relationships, etc.

Plan the placement of rooms: Align major rooms with their corresponding zones for their positive influence. For example, the northeast zone is ideal for the puja room, the east zone for the kitchen, and the southwest zone for the master bedroom.

Consider the entrance:

Main entrance: Ideally, position the main entrance in the east, north, or northeast zones for auspicious entry of positive energy.

Other doors and windows: Place windows and doors strategically to optimize natural light and airflow. Avoid doors blocking each other or opening directly into a puja room.

Optimize room layout

Living room: Choose the northeast, north, or east zone for a harmonious and welcoming space. Keep furniture away from entrances and corners.

Kitchen: Place the kitchen in the southeast zone for positivity and good health. Ensure the stove’s burner faces east and is away from the sink.

Bedrooms: Southwest is ideal for the master bedroom for sound sleep and stability. Avoid south-facing bedrooms.

Bathrooms and toilets: Position them in the northwest or west zones. Keep them away from bedrooms, kitchen, and puja room.

Additional Considerations:

Staircases: Place them along walls in the south or west zones. Avoid central or northern placement.

Water and electricity: Water storage and electrical panels should be positioned in the northwest or west zones.

Colors: Use colors associated with different zones to enhance their energy. For example, green in the east for growth, blue in the north for peace, and orange in the southwest for stability.

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