Filing A RERA Complaint – Know Where, and How?

Filing A RERA Complaint – Know Where, and How?

Filing A RERA Complaint - Know Where, and How

The purpose of the RERA in Tamilnadu is to promote the rights of both developers and prospective homeowners. It aims to create accountability and responsibility by increasing transparency in the real estate market. Filing a RERA complaint involves the following steps. Collect all relevant documents and information related to your complaint, such as the agreement, payment receipts, correspondence with the developer, and any other supporting evidence. Familiarize yourself with the RERA in Tamilnadu guidelines and regulations specific to your state or region. These guidelines outline the process, timelines, and requirements for filing a complaint.

Steps to apply RERA Complaint:

Follow the instructions provided by the RERA Authority for any further actions or resolutions:

Approach the RERA Authority-Visit the official website of your state’s RERA Authority or visit their office in person to obtain the necessary complaint forms and understand the procedure for filing a complaint.

Fill the Complaint Form-Fill out the complaint form with accurate and detailed information. Clearly state the nature of your complaint, provide supporting documents, and include specific details such as the developer’s name, project details, and the relief or resolution sought.

Attach Supporting Documents-Attach all relevant supporting documents and evidence that substantiate your complaint. Make sure to keep copies of all documents for your reference.

Pay the Fees (if applicable)-Some RERA in Tamilnadu authorities may require payment of a nominal fee for filing a complaint. Check the guidelines to determine if any fees are applicable and also make the payment as required.

Submit the Complaint-Submit the completed complaint form along with the supporting documents to the designated RERA Authority office either online or in person as per their instructions.

Follow-up and Track Progress-After submitting the complaint. Then stay in touch with the RERA Authority to track the progress of your complaint. They may request additional information or documents during the investigation process.  For more details, contact us.