How RERA Protects Your Rights in the Real Estate Market.

How RERA Protects Your Rights in the Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Market

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), implemented in Tamil Nadu in 2017, has significantly changed the game for both homebuyers and developers in the state’s real estate market. Here’s how RERA protects your rights and ensures transparency:

Protection for Homebuyers:

Project Registration: All developers must register their projects with TNRERA, providing comprehensive details like layout plans, approvals, and timelines. This transparency reduces the risk of fraudulent or incomplete projects.

Escrow Account Mandate: Developers must deposit 70% of the collected funds into an escrow account, ensuring its use for construction purposes and protecting buyers from financial misuse.

Stage-wise Payments: Payment stages are linked to construction progress, preventing developers from demanding large sums upfront before significant work is done.

Delay Compensation: Developers face penalties for delayed project completion, providing legal recourse for homebuyers and protecting them from financial losses.

Grievance Redressal: TNRERA establishes a dedicated grievance redressal forum for speedy resolution of disputes between buyers and developers.

Transparency in the Market:

Public Access to Project Information: All registered project details are available on the TNRERA website, empowering homebuyers to make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Standardized Contracts: RERA mandates standardized sale agreements, ensuring clarity and fairness in terms and conditions for both parties.

Regular Updates: Developers are required to submit periodic progress reports and financial statements, keeping buyers informed and holding developers accountable.

Professionalism in the Industry: RERA fosters ethical practices by mandating minimum qualifications and registration for brokers and agents, improving the overall professionalism of the real estate market.

RERA Risk:

However, it’s important to remember that RERA is not a fake proof guarantee against all risks:

Due diligence is still crucial:

Buyers should never invest blindly and should thoroughly research projects, developers, and legal documents before committing.

Consumer awareness is key:

Understanding RERA provisions and proactively claiming your rights can be empowering.

Effective enforcement is important:

While RERA has improved the landscape, efficient implementation and timely grievance redressal remain crucial for its full impact.


Overall, RERA has made significant strides towards protecting homebuyers and ensuring transparency in Tamil Nadu’s real estate market. However, constant vigilance, awareness, and responsible participation remain key for both buyers and developers to fully reap the benefits of this transformative legislation.

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