Patta Chitta document: Meaning, Types & Differences

Patta Chitta document: Meaning, Types & Differences

Patta Chitta document

Patta Chitta is a crucial document for land ownership in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It serves as both a record of rights (ROR) and a land revenue document, essentially acting as proof of ownership and providing vital details about the property.


Patta: Refers to the official document issued by the government that establishes ownership of a land parcel. It contains information like the owner’s name, district, taluPurchase Florida state seminars jerseys, football, and various accessories for Florida state seminars billige matratzen golf d carhartt uk Purchase Florida state seminars jerseys, football, and various accessories for Florida state seminars mikrobølgeovn med grill og varmluft plavky chlapec 128nove jayden daniels lsu jersey mallas para hombre nike ciorapi compresivi pana la coapsa nike air max aliexpress cheap jordan 4 zara long jumpsuit in green bose quietcomfort 35 usa price nike air max 1 ultra moire black white ราคาk, survey number, land type (wetland/dryland), size, and tax payment details.

Chitta: An extract from the Patta register, providing details on the property’s area, size, and ownership status.

Types of Patta:

Natham Patta: Issued to individuals without their own house in their revenue village.

AD Condition Patta: Allocates land to landless tribals and Adithravidars.

Land Handover Patta: Grants free land to ex-servicemen, poor people, etc.

TSLR Patta: Town Survey Land Record document.

Other types: UDR (Updating Data Registry), Manual Patta, 2C Patta, Joint Patta.

Merger of Patta and Chitta:

In 2015, the Tamil Nadu government merged Patta and Chitta into a single document called Patta Chitta. This simplified the process of obtaining land ownership information and made it more accessible.

Importance of Patta Chitta:

Proof of ownership: Crucial for legal transactions like land sale/purchase, mortgage, etc.

Securing loans: Required by banks and financial institutions for loan approvals.

Property disputes: Serves as evidence in case of land-related disputes.

Government schemes: Necessary for availing government benefits and subsidies related to land.

Accessing Patta Chitta:

Patta Chitta can be accessed online through the e-services portal of the Tamil Nadu government. You can also obtain it by visiting the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) or the Taluk office.

In conclusion, Patta Chitta is an essential document for anyone owning land in Tamil Nadu. Understanding its meaning, types, and importance is crucial for managing your property effectively and protecting your rights.

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