Selecting the Right Plot: Vastu Considerations for Land Buying.

Selecting the Right Plot: Vastu Considerations for Land Buying.

Right Plot Vastu

Selecting the right plot of land is a crucial step in Vastu, as it forms the foundation for the construction of a harmonious and balanced living space. Here are some Vastu considerations for buying land and right plot:

Importance Vastu considerations:

Shape of the Plot:

Ideally, the plot should be square or rectangular in shape. Irregularly shaped plots can create Vastu challenges. Avoid plots with extensions or cuts, as they can lead to imbalances.

Direction of the Plot:

The orientation of the plot is significant. A north or east-facing plot is generally considered auspicious, as it allows for the entry of positive energy and sunlight. Avoid south or west-facing plots if possible.

Roads and Surroundings:

The plot is situated in an area with good roads and surroundings. Avoid plots near hospitals, graveyards, or other places associated with negative energy.

Slope of the Land:

It is preferable to choose a plot that slopes towards the north or east. A plot with a higher elevation in the south or west can lead to Vastu challenges.

Water Bodies:

Plots with water bodies like rivers or ponds to the north or east are considered beneficial. Avoid plots with water bodies to the south or west.

Vastu considerations:

Shape of the Land:

The land should be level and uniform. Avoid plots with irregular elevations or depressions, as they can lead to imbalances in energy flow.

Proximity to Trees:

Trees are considered auspicious in Vastu, but large trees should not be very close to the main structure. It is best to avoid plots with large, overshadowing trees.

Vastu Purusha Mandala:

The Vastu Purusha Mandala is a cosmic energy grid, and the central portion (Brahmasthan) should ideally be free from obstructions. Choose a plot where the Brahmasthan is not occupied by structures.

Soil Quality:

Rocky or infertile soil may pose challenges during construction. Good soil quality supports stability and prosperity.


Consider the overall energy of the neighborhood. Choose a plot in a well-maintained and clean area with positive surroundings.

North and East Open Spaces:

Open spaces to the north and east of the plot are favorable, as they allow for the unhindered flow of positive energy.

Auspicious Angles:

Plots with corners at auspicious angles, like 90 or 45 degrees, are considered favorable. Avoid acute angles as they can lead to Vastu doshas.


Before finalizing a land purchase, it is advisable to consult with a Vastu expert who can analyze the specific conditions and provide personalized guidance based on individual charts and circumstances. Additionally, it’s essential to balance Vastu principles with practical considerations and ensure that the chosen plot aligns with your lifestyle and requirements.

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