The implications of the GST on property in Tamil Nadu.

The implications of the GST on property in Tamil Nadu.

GST on property in Tamil Nadu

The GST has significantly impacted various aspects of property transactions in Tamil Nadu, bringing both complexities and potential benefits. Here’s a breakdown of the key implications:

Applicability of GST:

Land: Sale of land itself (without development) is not subject to GST in India, including Tamil Nadu. This remains under the purview of stamp duty and registration charges.

Under-construction properties: GST at 5% (without input tax credit) applies to under-construction residential apartments or commercial spaces. This can potentially reduce the overall cost compared to pre-GST taxes like service tax and VAT.

Ready-to-move-in properties: No GST applies to completed and ready-to-move-in properties. However, stamp duty and registration charges still apply.

Construction services: Works contracts for construction or development services attract a GST rate of 18% (with input tax credit) if not part of an affordable housing project.

Affordable Housing Segment:

Reduced GST rates: To promote affordable housing, GST rates are reduced to 1% (without input tax credit) for affordable housing apartments. This can significantly benefit buyers in this segment.

Eligibility criteria: Specific criteria under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) define what constitutes affordable housing for GST benefits.

Other aspects:

Rental income: Residential property rentals are exempt from GST, while commercial property rentals are taxable if the annual aggregate turnover exceeds Rs.20 lakhs.

Maintenance charges: GST applicability on maintenance charges depends on the specific services included. Consult with a tax professional for clarity.

Input tax credit: Builders can claim input tax credit on GST paid for construction materials and services, potentially reducing their costs. This can benefit buyers if developers pass on these savings.

Challenges and complexities:

Varying rates and exemptions: Applying the correct GST rate based on property type, development stage, and affordability eligibility can be complex. Professional advice is recommended.

Transitional issues: Initial implementation of GST faced complexities and transitional challenges, which may still have lingering effects in some cases.

Impact on affordability: While reduced GST on affordable housing is beneficial, other GST charges and rising stamp duty rates can still impact overall affordability.


Overall, GST has brought both clarity and complexities to property transactions in Tamil Nadu. Understanding the various implications and seeking professional guidance is crucial for buyers and sellers to navigate the regulations effectively and make informed decisions.

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