Vastu tips for different rooms while building a new house.

Vastu tips for different rooms while building a new house.

Vastu tips for different rooms

When building a new house, incorporating Vastu principles can bring harmony, positivity, and good fortune to your living space. Here are some key vastu tips for different rooms:

Main Entrance:

Direction: Ideally, the main entrance should face north, east, or northeast. These directions promote positive energy flow. Avoid south, west, or southwest as they may bring negativity.

Door design: Choose a strong, solid door with a welcoming design. Avoid broken or rusty hinges.

Threshold: Maintain a raised threshold to prevent negative energy from entering.

Living Room:

Direction: East, north, or northeast are excellent for the living room, fostering positive interactions and social gatherings.

Furniture placement: Arrange furniture facing north or east. Avoid placing heavy furniture blocking the entrance of natural light.

Electronics: Place electronic devices in the southeast corner to minimize their electromagnetic influence.


Direction: The Southeast is ideal for the kitchen, as it governs fire and digestion. Avoid west, southwest, or north directions.

Cooking stove: Position the stove along the southeast wall, facing east, northeast, or west. Avoid cooking with your back to the entrance.

Sink: Place the sink in the northeast or northwest corner, away from the cooking stove to avoid conflicting elements.


Direction: Southwest is ideal for the master bedroom, promoting restful sleep and stability. Avoid the northeast, as it can lead to restlessness.

Bed placement: Avoid placing the bed directly beneath a beam or facing the door. Position the head of the bed towards the south or west.

Mirrors: Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed, as it can disrupt sleep.

Bathrooms and Toilets:

Direction: Northwest is suitable for bathrooms and toilets as it represents the water element. Avoid northeast, east, or southeast directions.

Placement: The toilet and shower should ideally be in the west or northwest corner. Avoid placing them directly behind the pooja room or entrance.

Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent negative energy from accumulating.

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