Vastu Tips For New Home rooms.

Vastu Tips For New Home

When applying Vastu tips and principles to individual rooms in your new home, you can enhance the overall well-being and prosperity of the household. Here are some Vastu tips for different rooms:

Living Room:

The living room should ideally be located in the northeast north or east direction of the house for positive energy flow.

Place heavy furniture like sofas and bookshelves in the south or west direction.

Position the seating so that it faces north or east, allowing occupants to receive the benefits of the morning sun.

Decorate with calming colors like light blue, green, or white for a peaceful atmosphere.


The master bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner of the house for stability and harmonious relationships.

Place the bed with the headboard along the south or west wall for a sense of security.

Avoid placing the bed under beams or sloping ceilings.

Decorate with soft and soothing colors like pastel shades.


The kitchen is best placed in the southeast corner of the house, which is associated with the fire element.

Position the cooking stove so that you face east while cooking.

Ensure good ventilation and proper lighting to maintain a positive atmosphere.

Keep the kitchen clean and organized to prevent stagnation of energy.


Bathrooms are best located in the northwest or southeast corners of the house.

Ensure proper drainage and ventilation to prevent negative energy buildup.

Keep the bathroom well-lit, and avoid mirrors or water features in the bathroom.

Dining Room:

The dining room should ideally be located in the west or northwest direction.

Position the dining table so that family members face north or east while eating.

Avoid placing a mirror or television in the dining area.

Use warm, inviting colors like yellow or orange for a cheerful ambiance.


If you have a home office or study, it’s ideal to place it in the northeast or north direction.

Position your desk to face north or east to enhance concentration and productivity.

Ensure good lighting, as it promotes mental clarity.

Keep the workspace organized and clutter-free.

Pooja Room:

If you have a dedicated prayer or pooja room, it should ideally be in the northeast or east corner.

Place the deity or altar on the east wall, facing west.

Keep the area clean, sacred, and free from clutter.

Light incense or use essential oils to purify the atmosphere.

These Vastu tips are intended to create a sense of balance, positivity, and energy flow within each room of your home. While it’s essential to follow these Vastu tips and guidelines, remember that practical considerations, personal preferences, and architectural constraints should also be taken into account to create a comfortable and harmonious living environment.

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