Vastu tips on enhancing the positive aura in the new home.

Vastu tips on enhancing the positive aura in the new home.

Vastu tips on positive aura

Beyond the basic layout principles, several Vastu tips can help boost the positive aura in your new home. Here are some Vastu tips on enhancing the positive aura in the new home:

Inviting Positive Energy:

Sun Salutation: Greet the sunrise by opening windows and doors in the east, allowing its positive energy to flow in.

Mantras and Music: Chanting soothing mantras or playing calming music, especially in the northeast corner, enhances vibrations.

Natural Elements: Bring nature indoors with fresh flowers, plants (avoid thorny cactus), and water features in the northeast or north.

Light and Air: Ensure proper ventilation and natural light in all rooms. Consider sunlight entering rooms from the east or north for positivity.

Balancing the Space:

Deities and Symbols: Place auspicious symbols like swastikas, yantras, or pictures of deities in the northeast corner or east wall.

Salt Water Cleansing: Mop the floor with a few spoons of salt mixed in water to remove negative energy. Replace the salt water regularly.

Crystal Power: Use Amethyst crystals in the southwest corner to balance fire energy and improve sleep. Place Rose Quartz in the northeast for love and harmony.

Mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors can expand space and reflect positive energy. Avoid them in bedrooms or opposite the main entrance.

Creating Harmony:

Declutter and Organize: Eliminate clutter and maintain cleanliness. Stagnant energy builds up in cluttered spaces, hindering positivity.

Colorful Touches: Use light and uplifting colors like green, blue, or yellow in living spaces. Avoid dark or aggressive colours like red or black in dominant areas.

Scent the Air: Burn incense or diffuse essential oils like sandalwood, jasmine, or lavender for calming and purifying effects.

Mindful Living: Practice mindfulness and positive affirmations in your home to create a conscious and harmonious atmosphere.

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