What are all the good time to buy a new property? Vastu tips.

time to buy a new property

Choosing the right time to buy a new property is essential, and incorporating Vastu Shastra principles into your decision-making process can be beneficial. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy that focuses on harmonizing the energy flow in a space. Here are some auspicious times to consider buying a new property, along with Vastu tips:

Auspicious Days and Festivals: In Indian culture, specific days and festivals are considered highly auspicious for property-related activities. Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya, and Gudi Padwa are some examples. Buying a property on such days is to bring prosperity and good fortune.

Muhurat: Consult with a Vastu expert or astrologer to identify an auspicious date and time (Muhurat) for signing the property purchase agreement. This ensures that the energy of the property aligns positively with your goals and well-being.

Vaastu-Compliant Direction: Vastu emphasizes the direction in which a property should face. North and east-facing properties are generally considered favorable, as they allow for better sunlight and airflow. Avoid south-facing properties, as they are believed to bring negative energy.


Shape and Layout: The shape and layout of the property should be symmetrical. Avoid irregularly shaped properties, as they can lead to negative energy and disturbances.

Entrance: The main entrance of the property should face a favorable direction (typically north, east, or northeast). It should be well-lit and welcoming. Avoid a south-facing entrance.

Bedroom Placement: Bedrooms are important spaces for rest and rejuvenation. According to Vastu, the master bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner of the property. And while children’s bedrooms can be in the northwest or west.

Kitchen: The kitchen is a vital part of the home. It should ideally be in the southeast corner and follow Vastu guidelines for stove placement, and storage. And water sources to ensure the flow of positive energy and prosperity.

Pooja Room: If you have a pooja (prayer) room, it should be in the northeast corner of the property. This is the most sacred and spiritually favorable direction.

Other Factors:

Avoid Negative Features: Be cautious of properties with negative features like a well, graveyard, or large trees casting shadows on the house, as these can disrupt the positive energy flow.

Natural Elements: Incorporate natural elements like plants, water features, and proper ventilation into the property’s design to enhance positive energy flow.

Consult a Vastu expert who can assess the specific property and provide guidance based on your individual circumstances.

In conclusion, selecting an auspicious time to buy a new property and adhering to Vastu Shastra principles can contribute to a harmonious and positive living environment. However, while Vastu Shastra can offer valuable guidance, it’s essential to balance these principles with practical considerations such as location, budget, and personal preferences when making a property purchase decision.

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