What is a Stratified Market?
What is a Stratified Market

A stratified market means a town or city that is not classified as a buyer’s market or a seller’s market – it may show different levels of supply and demand in different areas based on the price range. A seller’s market occurs when there are more home buyers than homes for sale. On the other hand, a buyer’s market occurs when there are more homes for sale and fewer home buyers looking for one.

A stratified market refers to a buyer’s market that is segmented or divided into different price ranges or categories. seller’s market is based on factors such as property type, location, size, or other relevant criteria. Each segment within the market may exhibit its own unique supply and demand dynamics, pricing trends, and buyer preferences.

This segmentation allows for a more detailed analysis and understanding of specific market segments. It is enabling home buyers, sellers, and industry professionals to make informed decisions within their target market segment.

What is a Stratified Market main features?

An online marketplace is a digital platform with a website and online/offline mobile app versions. Then where multiple vendors and sellers offer product listings in exchange for certain marketplace fees.

Markets are a dream come true for retailers and customers: you can find almost anything in the same conditions because all product pages are very similar. Overall, a stratified market approach recognizes that not all customers are the same and seeks to divide the market into meaningful segments to better serve customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

Although each market has more or less strict rules to accept as a seller or seller. Especially, their structure is very simple and not democratic. As is the case with online search engines, the retailer must contend with certain product variables and mechanisms in marketplaces. For example, Amazon reviews play a very important role in positioning sellers. It is a bad rating can damage a product’s reputation more than other marketplaces like eBay.  For more details, contact us.